Posted on Mar 30, 2020

Spencer's Contracting LLC

Late last week I got a call asking if we had a respirator. We had given away most of our regular N95 masks the week before when they were needed at a local hospital. I told the friend that I probably did not have a respirator and I asked what they needed it for. He told me that he had a friend that works at a hospital that was asking for a quality respirator for when she goes back on shift. I told him that I would look but not to get his hopes up because our stock of this type had already been ravaged. I hung up the phone and said a quiet prayer that it sure would be nice to find one by chance. I looked through the usual places and then opened up a metal storage cabinet. To my surprise, there on the top shelf was a brand new respirator in unopened plastic wrapping and a set of unused and sealed filter cartridges with the exact filtration rating that they were asking for. I immediately called the friend and let him know of my surprise find. It was a joy to play a small part. These are truly the unsung heroes in this chaotic time. And it was an encouragement to see that prayer answered so quickly!
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